Jan 24

  • National Bird Day: On the occasion of National Birds Day students visited Haneef’s Bird house. They got a hands-on experience to know more about birds.
  • Fruits Day: Students had a gallery walk to understand how real fruits looks like and also, they were able to identify different features of fruits.
  • Makar Sakranti: Students at GES enjoyed flying kites connecting with the level of exposure they get in the school to enhance their skills.
  • Grandparents Day: Grandparents at GES are very enthusiastic to spend a day with their grandson following the RETRO theme.
  • Astronomy Day: Connecting with their learning of concept, students were given an exposure to know more about where we are in place and time?

Dec 23

  • Habitat Day: Tiny stars express their learning by actively participating in the quiz game organized in the class.
  • Story Telling Day: Students displayed their communication skills by sharing different stories in the class.
  • Christmas Party and Carol singing: On the occasion of Christmas festival, we had helped students to know more about Christmas festivals and carol songs. Students enjoyed singing different carols.
  • Walkathon on the theme: Save our Mother Land Students got an opportunity to spread awareness about save resources in their vicinity.

Nov 23

  • Diwali Celebration: Connecting with development of social skills we had Diwali celebration in the school.
  • Tarang Celebration: Students of all the grades displayed their talent through different skills.
  • Fancy Dress Competition: Students were able to confidently share and relate with the objects through their dressing style.

Oct 23

  • Dress up as favourite cartoon character: Tiny tots were looking dynamic with their favorite cartoon dress up.
  • An Education Field trip to Byculla Zoo: Students got an exposure to learn more about animals and enhance their knowledge.
  • Tongue twister Day: This event gave scope to the students to remember and speak in the sequence.
  • Reader’s Day: Children got a scope to develop their reading skills by using flashcards, books a picture talk.
  • Navratri Celebration: Students enjoyed dressing up in colour full clothes and were able to relate with the different dance forms adapted during this festival.
  • Recitation Competition: This event gave scope to the students to demonstrate their confidence level.

Sept 23

  • Say a Riddle: Children like to learn new words in new ways. Riddle is a way in which child learn to identify different sounds of the words.
  • Dahi handi Celebration: It was a thrilling day for students to dress up as Radha and Krishna.
  • Best out of Waste: Students were able to relate with the concept of best out of waste by sharing different artifacts.
  • Ganesh Chaturthi: It was a blessing day for the students to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in the school and enjoyed the prasad.
  • Teacher's Day: " The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future".

Aug 23

  • Ocean Day: This event has helped students to identify different sea creatures as well as how to save them.
  • Feed the Bird: Students were shown different birds and helped them to understand to take care by feeding.
  • Save Mother Earth: This event has helped students how to follow the principle of R’S in our daily life.
  • Independence Day: The event was celebrated to instill patriotism in students.
  • Inventors Day: During this event students were made aware of different inventors and discussed about their creativity.
  • Rakhi Celebration: To help students understand the importance of the festival and its true meaning.
  • Report On Traffic Signal & Road Safety Workshop: On 21st August 2023, GES had ar honour listening to police inspector (traffic hawaldar)

July 23

  • Fathers Day: Father’s Day was celebrated to express love and gratitude towards them by their little ones.
  • World Religion Day: To help students know about different religions and also about the concept of “Unity in Diversity” in India.
  • Vanmahotsava Week: Students did different integrated activities like mud day, green day etc connecting with plants.
  • Germination Day/ Plantation Day: During this event students learn to do germination of seeds as well as importance of planting trees.
  • English Elocution Competition

June 23

  • Environment Day: Environment day was celebrated to help students understand the importance of trees and to take care of the environment.
  • Saving of Water: To help students understand how to use the resource and also the usage of the same.
  • Caring for the Trees: To learn to plant trees and how to nurture them.
  • Joke Day: To build confidence and make you feel happier.
  • Twinning Day: To dressed up in pair with their friends and relate with the concept of matching.
  • Rainbow Day: To understand the colours of the rainbow and how it is formed.
  • Lego Day: Free play was organized for the students to develop their fine motor, spatial social skills.
  • International Yoga Day: Different yoga poses were done by the students. They were mad aware of benefits of physical exercises.
  • Investiture Ceremony: The sacrosanctious event in the life of the students has taken place this year on June 9th.

April 23

  • Abhivachan Diwas: "The more you read, the more you will learn." The more you learn, the more places you'll go. On April 25, GESEMS observed Abhivachan Diwas. On that day, students eagerly engaged pupils to read, and at the end of the programme the names of each class top readers were announced and commended.
  • Pedilite Art and Craft Workshop: Our school GES English Medium School conducted an Art and Crast workshop for Grade 6 to 10 on April 26 and april 27 after recess in the last three periods an expert team from fevicryl company had come to train the students. Activities were theme based with creative material ideas.
  • Folk Dancing competition: "Dance is the narration of a magical story; that recites on lips, illuminates imaginations and embraces the most sacred depths of souls" On April 26, GESEMS held a folk dancing competition.
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