Our Vision

To create an individual who will be able to compete with himself/herself in all walks of life and realise the concept of "ज्ञानम अपि च जनसेवा"


Since G.E.S is trying to create a balanced individual, the following objectives are laid for the institution to nurture our young ones for their future.

  • Empowering students with leadership qualities.

  • Enabling students to realise their highest potential.

  • Providing students a stress free and positive environment so that their intellectual,physical,psychological & ethical well being can be nurtured.
History & Goals

Goregaon Education Society was founded by the group of social workers of Jawahar Nagar. It started a school with 130 students in 1958-59 with Gujarati medium under the name "I.B.Patel Vidyalaya". With growing strength and further demand a seperate girls school was started in year 1960-61 under the name "Sir B.J. Girls School". The primary school continued co-educating and a seperate building was constructed and the school was named as "P. Z. Patel Vidyalaya" in the year 1973-74. The society was catering to the needs of local Gujarati community year after year.The first batch of SSC went out in the year 1962 and over 90% result have been the bench mark of both I. B. Patel and Sir B. J. Girls School. A seperate primary school was made in 1982-83 in the name "D. S. Patel Balvatika". The society has nearly 5000 students by then. Gradually there was a shift in the demand from Gujarati medium to English medium. A seperate building was contructed and with 85 student enrolled in premises in the year1984-85. English medium school was started by the society. There was a fall in the strength of Gujarati section and this was compensated by the the english medium which rolled out the first batch of SSC with 100% result in 1997. Now the society is giving the best and more suitable medium to the students whose parents are the past students of our school. It is therefore prepared to convert gradually the SSC pattern into ICSE,starting from the year 2001-02 up to std 5th is the first phase.

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